Dec 22, 2011

Make a Kid's Belt!

Well, I've finally made something that my son NEEDS (as opposed to what he would simply enjoy, like another new blanket, har har.).
What is it? A SPACE belt to hold up those constantly sagging pants!
 And this project literally took less than an hour. Waaaaay less than an hour. (I could barely believe it myself.)
I used some red webbing from Joann's and some space/planet fabric I had on hand. This fabric has some stretch to it, which worked really well. I'm not sure how regular, cotton fabric would work, but would be interested to know. I think another good fabric choice would be nylon or maybe rayon.

So for a slender, 4-year-old boy, I used about 30" of webbing and 36-37" of fabric.
I stuck with the raw edges, but I suppose another option is to cut the fabric wider and then fold the edges over before sewing. I guess it comes down to how much time you want to spend on the belt. After a few uses, my son's belt has some visible fraying, but I really don't think it looks bad. His store-bought belt has the same thing.
I started at the end that would have the hooks and let about an inch hang off the end before sewing. Below is a shot of the other end of the belt that will end up looping into the hooks.
Ready for the hooks!
 Loop them inside the end of the belt that had the fabric extend only 2" inches onto the other side.
Pin or hold steady. Then sew across the end a few times to make sure the hooks are secured. You may want to add a label before sewing this end down. I ended up doing this after the pics I took here.
And there you go! A quick, easy, and fabulous belt that's easy to customize for your kid. Feel free to ask any questions!

Now if only he could stay still for a few decent pictures.... ;-)

Dec 21, 2011

Pretty Monogrammed Pendant Necklace

 A while ago, I saw these on etsy, and I thought they were really sweet, simple, and classic-looking. I also thought I could do that. I bought the supplies a while back, but hadn't worked up the nerve to do the embroidery until recently. Christmas time, right? When in need of a present, try a new craft. Erm, well, something like that.
The "P" is the first initial in my friend's son's name. And he loves this shade of blue, so I thought, Wouldn't this be a touching gift??? Well, I hope she thought so and not, Oh, great, another homemade gift! It's my first one, so I know there's room for improvement anyway. :-)

 I hope to do some more down the road. I am totally the sentimental type, so I'd love to have one with my kids' initials too.
I bought the pendant here and the chain at Joann's. It was fun to do, and I realized that even though the space to create is small, there is still plenty of room for creativity!
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Dec 15, 2011

Clothing Labels I Made

 Hello! So this is my next step in the labeling process. I really love the idea of labeling the creations I make -- if only for my own sense of accomplishment -- but I cringe at the idea of shelling out a lot of money and then maybe never using them (gasp!). The labels up above in my header were down by Sweetwater Labels and are very nice, but not exactly cheap ($2.00/ea). I have been thinking about doing Spoonflower, but I'm not sure if I have the right program on my computer to do a really cool looking I have put off figuring that one out. What I'm going with right now is me-made labels. I did these with transfer paper I bought at AC Moore. You just type up what you want to print, "reverse" it before printing, and then iron it on some fabric.

 Here are my labels for my Maxi Skirt and my Houndstooth Skirt before I sewed them in.
 I think they look pretty good!

 And here's a shot of the inside of the Maxi Skirt.

Not bad, right? Has anyone else had luck with doing their own labels? Any advice to give me??

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Dec 14, 2011

Christmas Kiddie Quilts ~ WIP

 A while back, some time over the summer, I think, I thought it would be a great idea to make the kids their own little Christmas quilts. I bought the fabric (and had a lot of fun choosing the prints), got the yardage in the mail (and had a lot of fun running my hands across the the fabrics when they arrived), and then stashed them in drawers. Until November. When I decided I needed to get crackin.'

I have a boy and a girl, so I started cutting up the fabric and making 9x9" blocks with one or the other in mind. Can you guess which blocks are for my son and which are for my daughter?? Ok, I'll just tell ya.

For my space-lovin' little guy.

 For my brown-haired little girl who really does love to swing.

 For my puppy-lovin' princess.

 And some blocks were just a toss-up. But this one is going to my daughter.

 And this one for my son.

 My son looooves Rudolph. It's a four-year-old thing, you know.

 And another for my doggy-lovin' daughter.

I've made 19 out of 24 blocks so far, but these are some of my favorites. Tonight, I started putting together my daughter's quilt top. It's fun seeing it all come together. I just hope I can get both quilts done by Christmas Eve!!

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Dec 5, 2011

Felted Mittens Ornament

 How about an easy Christmas ornament?
 I used a felted sweater, cut out two mitten shapes, then threaded them with black yarn. Quick, easy, and cute. The added bonus is that this was a sweater I really liked, that was given to me by a person whom I really like, but I couldn't wear it any more. So looking at the ornament on my tree reminds me of that person. Isn't that what our favorite ornaments are all about? Happy memories and loved ones?
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