Mar 28, 2012

Another Easter Hair Clip and a Pin

I was up late last night thinking it'd be fun to surprise my kids with a little gift this morning at breakfast. I'm afraid these might look extremely homemade (nodding, why yes they do), but if you look at them from a distance, and maybe squint a little, they look terribly good. Oh, but the kids really liked them, and that's what matters most.
 A peeps-inspired hair clip for my daughter.
 And a basket filled with peeps for my son. No, not a hair clip, but a pin. He was excited to wear it to pre-school this morning. Apparently, his teacher made him get up and talk about it during circle (oops). When I asked my son what he said about it, all I got was, "I don't know" and a little embarrassed shiftiness. (Sorry, kid.)

 Super chilly this morning, but I liked seeing the peeps peaking out of her hood. Hi there!
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Easter Hair Clips

I got started on some Easter hair clips the other night and here are the results.

Got this adorable bunny idea here (lots more cute ones there too.)

And the duck idea here (and more cute ones here as well).

The tulip and the egg are my own ideas. Not sure if I'm lovin' the egg so much.

Anyway, these were all going to someone else, but when my daughter saw the bunny, she got so excited. I stuck it in her hair and snapped a picture. I know I will have to make one for her next.
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Mar 20, 2012

Wind and Waves Top

There are some tops I wear all. The. Time. People must get sick of seeing me in them. Again. (Right, hubby?) So a few weeks ago, I bought some new fabric to *replicate* one of my favorite 
go-to shirts.
Same sorta styling, but new colors. I'm liking it! (Hubs, are you?)
Rae's Spring Top Sewalong, which opened this week, kicked me into high gear and I got the top done over the weekend to enter into the contest. Yeah!
 The fabric is a lightweight knit with a lacy look that is most noticeable on the white stripes. These pics don't do it justice, but it's really a pretty fabric close-up.
My favorite details on this top are the sleeves (notice the ends which have the stripes going the other direction? That extra part makes the sleeves a little more fitted too.) and the ruched sides. I think the ruching helps dress up the top. Both are details I copied from the shirt I already own.
Above is a shot of the back. I like how the top tapers at the hips.
Ok, I think that's probably more than enough pictures! It was freeeeeezing out when I got these taken and the breeze made it even chillier. I was like, Hurryuphurryuphurryupbutmakeitgoodhurryup!
Gotta love those sewing photo shoots, huh?
Glad to be done and to have something I made that's actually wearable. I made a hoodie a few weeks ago and it definitely gave me confidence to make another top for myself. :)

Mar 14, 2012

Little Man's Neck Cozy

It's little. It's cute. It's cozy. What more could you want? Oh, to make it green with a red button? Ok. Whatever you want, little guy. So what if his favorite colors usually pop up everywhere in December? He's already told me he's going to wear it to the St. Patrick's Day parade this weekend (if it's chilly). And I'm so glad that HE'S excited about doing that!

Yes, it's been warm enough to eat popsicles around here lately.
This neck cozy pattern is from this book, which I highly recommend for beginning crocheters!
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Mar 13, 2012

Crochet - My First Scarves!

 About three years ago, I started knitting and thought that was just fine -- until I saw all these cute crochet projects popping up online. So I decided I needed to learn how to crochet. I used this book to get me going.
 And I made two child-sized scarves. Really. Fast. I mean.....within a couple hours both were done (after, of course, I got the hang of using a hook). I couldn't believe it. Knitting takes soooo long. But here I was with not one, but two finished products in very little time.
 For these scarves, I used super bulky Lion Brand Hometown yarn (and yes, using super bulky makes everything go even faster). These were done using the very basics of crochet. Next, I have to learn how to do more complicated stitches. Though, from what I've heard, it's not that complicated.
 I think because I already know how to knit, crochet has come pretty easy to me -- so far. But overall, I think it's a much easier skill to learn than knitting and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to delve into the crocheting/knitting world.
My scarves aren't anything fancy, but the kids loved getting them! And now I feel more confident about trying "fancier" crochet projects. I don't know what it is about cowls right now, but I really want to do this one next because I really wanted to win the one Vanessa did here, but didn't. I love her gray/white color combo. :)
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Mar 8, 2012

The Holey Cowl

I saw this pattern and immediately decided I needed to make one. For myself. I have been on a neck-warmer kick lately. And this is just one of several I have made for myself as well as the kids. Not all of them have turned out well, but this one's a keeper.
You can find the pattern for the Holey Cowl here.
The designer wears hers kind of like how mine is in the picture above. But I prefer it flipped the other way as in the picture below.
For my cowl, I just used a big skein of a worsted-weight yarn that I had in my stash (ie., not organic cotton). I also used straight needles and sewed the end up (as opposed to using circulars as suggested in the pattern).
Overall, I really like my new cowl and am happy to report it's already gotten at least three wears. (Though no comments yet from friends. Darn. I wonder if they know I knitted it? Or maybe they do't like my style.) Anyhoo, I always feel accomplished when I get a project done. One that I think looks good enough to wear. Woo-hoo!
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