May 31, 2012

Every Little Thing Tunic in Action

Last night, I finished this little tunic for my daughter.
(Doesn't the bow look nice? Keep reading.)
 We were going to my son's preschool picnic where, within minutes, someone handed her (scary music) a bottle of bubbles.
 Normally, I love bubbles. But they're quite messy. And it's SO hard to watch something you just finished creating get messed upon. 
(Am I not right??)
 Anyway. I never quite got the perfect shots I wanted before the bubble soap soaked up the front of her dress. The bow, let's say, was very "convenient" as it caught the bulk of the soap.
It had to be removed.
As for the tunic itself, I really do love it. It's Shwin & Shwin's Every Little Thing Tunic Pattern. I'm pretty proud of the results! It's my first dress/tunic and I'm already planning for the second one with this pattern. Here, I used chambray on the bodice and the bottom trim, and a very lightweight print for the middle. 
 Check out the pocket. What a great feature. Love it.
 Can you see the cute flower buttons on the back? And yes, she's still clutching those bubbles.
It was a fun morning, indeed.

May 18, 2012

Two Layers Circle Skirt

Oh? Is that picture way too dark? Is it because I finished at around 11pm and couldn't control myself with the camera? Because I was just so darn pleased by the skirt's cuteness? Why, yes. Yes, yes, yes!
The next day, I couldn't wait to try it on my little girl. So with Popsicle in hand, we headed out to the patio to water some plants.
Water, water, water.
Then stop to smell the...peppers? Oh, yes!
For this late-night sewing session, I also got up the nerve to try out my new serger. Finally! I serged the bottoms of both layers instead of hemming. I felt SO accomplished after getting the thing to work (it seriously sat untouched in my sewing corner for two weeks. I thought it looked scary.).
Oh, and I put a label on the inside. Now we can be sure of the front and the back of the skirt (= quicker dressing). Pretty neat, huh?
Fun skirt for summer. Fun skirt to water plants in. Just fun!

 And for those interested in the nitty-gritty, I consulted Made's circle skirt tutorial for the structure of the skirt, You & Mie for how to do the casing, and Made again for the double-layer inspiration. And one more thing - I got both fabrics at a yard sale for 50-cents each! Whoo-hoo! And it was at least a yard of each. Total score.
Well, doing this skirt has given me some more confidence in sewing (as it's an on-going process for me) and I'm looking forward to making another little skirt very soon!

May 15, 2012

House Warming Pillow

 I have been in the middle of some bigger projects lately (and haven't been posting), but had to stop everything to finish (er, start AND finish) a pillow case that I wanted to make for a friend. Her last minute visit from Canada kicked me into high gear.
I sewed a bunch of strips together, made an envelope closure, and ironed on (and later stitched to secure) a little label on the back corner. Oh, and I also put a line of yellow embroidered stitches across the front (not sure if you can make those out in the top photo!).
Anyway, my friend was really happy and surprised by the gift! She told her daughter she'd have "a little reminder of Mary Jo" right there in her new house with her. Can't wait to visit! :)

May 7, 2012

Little Girl Clothes

 Yay! We we've had some nicer weather lately, and I finally got the chance to put my daughter in a couple of the garments I made during KCWC!

 The first thing I made was this Audrey cape
I originally posted it HERE
 I really like the look of this hounds tooth cape with the vintage button. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. And the 55-degree weather on perfect worked well with a wool cape to wear to church.
  (My daughter insisted on taking these steps alone, though my husband was, like, ten inches away. Still made me a little nervous. There were about 12 of those steps. Eeep.)
 Today, my little girl got to wear her ruffle skirt to playgroup and then out to play. It's a little long on her now, but that only means it'll work next summer too (hopefully).
 It's supposed to rain for the next three days, so I'm hoping we don't go stir crazy indoors. These spring-teaser days are hard!

May 1, 2012

Reversible Circle Skirt ~ Clouds and Dora

Finally posting the adorable skirt I made a few weeks ago following this awesome tutorial from You & Mie.
I chose to put Dora on one side (I knew she'd love it) and the clouds and gray skies on the other (Kona cotton). I added yellow binding to brighten up both sides.
The reversible circle skirt was easy and fun to do and I love how this skirt swings as my daughter walks!
It's a little long on her right now, but that only means she'll be able to wear it longer. ;)
And some views of the the other gray side with the cloud applique...
Really pleased with this skirt! I can definitely see myself doing another one at some point.
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