Feb 24, 2012

My Creative Space...Organizing Earrings

There are so many cute ways to organize dangly earrings, but what about ones with backs? I couldn't find anything I liked on Pinterest, so I came up with my own solution.
 It's an old craft storage box. I don't even know what its intended use is for -- bobbins? Thread? I think that's what my mom used it for, but she gave it to me years ago and it has sat unused in a drawer until now.
 All I did was pop off the lid, cut a pretty piece of scrapbook paper to size, and Modge Podge it to the back. Then I used some 3M Velcro thingies to attach it to the wall. You see, I am a little lazy when it comes to things like .... putting stuff away. I'm always misplacing an earring here or there because I left them on my dresser and one got knocked on the floor or something ridiculous like that. Now they all have a place. And I can see them easily because they are matched up on their little shelves. No searching in a dish, no wasting time! Yay!
The picture below turned out kinda funky when I was uploading it...but I kind of like it.

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Feb 20, 2012

Target Hoodie Knock-off

OK, writing that title cracked me up! Who does Target knock-offs?? 
Well, me.
 I bought this lavender hoodie (below) from Target about two years ago and I LOVE it. It was probably ten bucks or something like that. But I have worn it so much, I WISH I bought two or three of them when I had the chance.
Why is it so awesome, you ask? Because it's soft, stretchy, and soooo comfy to wear with jeans. It's thin and not bulky and adds just an extra layer when needed.
Well, I decided, after reading about pattern making, that I should try making my own clothes. I picked the one item that I loved so much and wanted to replicate. The Target Hoodie.

 Here's my hoodie below. It was a a lot harder to do than I expected. But the challenge of figuring it out was exciting. I made my hoodie a little longer in the length and in the arms because that's the perk of designing your own clothes -- you get it just the way you want it. And I also added a lace/ribbon trim, mainly because I needed to conceal some problems in the process. As a result of some mistakes, I've got a little pleating going on on the chest, but I think it looks fine.
 Here's a close-up of my cuff and pockets. I think the cuffs turned out well, but there are clearly some things I would've liked to look better on the pocket. But heck, when it's on, I don't think anyone will be looking that closely.
 And here's a shot of the back with the wide hood. Overall, I like how it turned out and I'm hoping it holds up! I zig-zagged all my seams (I don't have a Serger - yet). So we'll see. But I'm happy that it's now in the rotation! My Target hoodie will be happy to have a break....haha
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Feb 14, 2012

Silhouette Pillows

 Guess what? I am too sentimental to throw some things away. I hung on to the picture I printed and cut out for my last silhouette project. And I decided to use it again for a silhouette on a pillow!
All I did was use Steam-a-Seam2 and iron some black fabric onto it. I then taped my picture to the stiffened, white, steam-a-seam side. Traced. Then cut out a new silhouette. Then I ironed the silhouette onto some of this fabric, which is actually more turquoise than blue in person. I had a smaller profile pic of my daughter and so I made a smaller pillow for her.
I wish I knew exactly where I was going to keep these pillows. Right now they're hanging out in this child's rocking chair in the play area. They tend to get tossed around a few times a day. 
But that's ok!
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Feb 8, 2012

A Pair of Potholders

 My parents are a terrific pair of people. But buying them gifts is extremely difficult. They are not very into "things" at all, and oftentimes make helpful comments like, 
You don't have to get me anything. 
Um, really? 
Oftentimes, the stuff I give my mom either ends up still wrapped in it's original packaging at their house (I find it!) or it ends up back with me at my place at some point or another. (Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe I should start buying her Coach handbags.) 
So recently, I made these potholders for them, thinking, Who doesn't need potholders?? I thought they might also jazz up their kitchen and go well with the light wood on their new cabinets.
They seemed to go over pretty well.
 But I warned my dad, "I want to see stains on them!"
We'll see the next time I visit...!

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