Mar 13, 2014

Knitted Sibling Winter Hats

These are my hats for the kids this year! It took me a while to make them, and then it took me a while to post them. We still have snow on the ground in these parts, and it was a blustery, freezing 25 degrees today, so the kids got good use of these knitted hats. I love how their ears are covered and both of them enjoy the ties. These pics were taken about a month or so ago on a sunny, but chilly day when we took the kids snowshoeing.
 Green is my son's favorite color, so he was pretty happy with this hat. I thought it'd also be fitting for the St. Patrick's Day parade. Looks like it'll be cold enough to still wear it this weekend.
My little girl chose orange. And then yellow. So there you have it. And the hat matches her snowshoes! Totally not planned.
I found the pattern here. The hat is too small for my head, but makes a good-sized child's hat, in my opinion (or maybe we are all a family of large heads...which may be true).
I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick for the green hat, as directed by the pattern. And I used Lion Brand Hometown USA for the orange. I found the Thick & Quick knitted up much quicker and I also had a little leftover in the end. For the orange, on the other hand, I used the entire ball and was happy she wanted yellow too -- because I couldn't have finished the hat without it. Also, her hat just feels heavier than his. I thought these were pretty interesting observations considering the fact that both are "super bulky" yarns, but definitely knit up differently.
I have had such a good time knitting recently! I am almost sad to see winter go. I have several more knitted projects to post and hope to get them up on the blog before the cold weather really leaves us. I'm sure I'm not the only one sorry to see the snowy see go...or am I?

Have a good week!

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