Mar 24, 2011

Simple Knit Rectangle Hat with Pom Poms

Here in Boston, we are waiting (and waiting) for spring to arrive. Today, we had snow flurries! So, alas, it was time to bundle up (yet again) before heading out. I came across a hat we hadn't seen all winter... THIS ONE!

I made this hat back when my son was a toddler, but my daughter came across it today and I realized I hadn't posted anything about it.
It's a very simple hat to make!

I bought some multi-colored yarn to give the hat some interest and set to work with a garter stitch. I knitted a big, long rectangle, then folded it over and sewed up the seam. Then I knitted two very (very) long I-cords and sewed them on. Lastly, I made 4 pom-poms. Very easy!

Here's my daughter sportin' the hat today. I like how it droops on her head. :)

And here's my son who wanted to wear it out. It's obviously tighter on him now as I made it for him to wear when he was my daughter's age. But I still think it looks cute.
 He had fun swinging the pom-poms!


  1. I love this hat! Is there a pattern you might share? Thanks.

  2. Okay, I see now... Sorry, didn't read too closely! Happy spring!


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