Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you're here!
Well, if you are looking for a little info on me, here's what I'll tell you. I'm a thirty-something mom to two little kids, and a wife to my best friend who is also an awesome daddy. I grew up wanting to be a pro volleyball player and a writer, and ended up teaching high school English and writing on the side (think: Chicken Soup for the Soul stories and a novel in the drawer). I got my MA in English Lit at Kansas State University and my MFA in Writing at Vermont College. My family now lives near Boston and I absolutely love it here!

A few other things about me and our family:
- I have studied abroad in England and Italy.
- I played Div. III volleyball and tennis.- We have lived in San Diego, Michigan, Alaska and now Boston.
- Our son was born in the Land of the Midnight Sun.
- I stopped teaching the summer my son was born.
- I taught myself how to knit when my son was a baby. I used this really great site
- A year or so later (maybe two?), I bought my first sewing machine. 
- I always liked being creative, but used writing as my outlet. I guess I wasn't really exposed to a lot of crafty people growing up, but I always loved making stuff at school when it was time.
- My first sewing project was a hand-sewn pillow for my son's room. Then I got into quilts. I loved making quilts! But then I caught the clothing-bug and have been sewing clothes for a couple years now.
- My kids don't nap and haven't for a while and I need a LOT of sleep at night, so I don't get to sew every day (or even every other day). But I squeeze it in when I can. I also use my free time to work out, read books, read blogs, knit, embroider, and watch shows/movies (oftentimes with two of these things happening at the same time).
- I love being with my family, but I love being by myself too. :)

I also love creating something out of nothing. It feels good to accomplish something and be done with it! And then move on to something else. I'm sure if you're reading this, you are nodding your head in agreement. You get it.

Well, I better stop talking about it and start doing something. Thanks again for dropping by. :)
~Mary Jo
I can be reached at maryjowyse at yahoo dot com