Jan 8, 2014

The Garter Scrap Cowl

I finally handmade something for my husband! And it was a total surprise for him too. He told me he didn't suspect at all that I'd be making anything for him (I often knit right next to him while we watch shows and they're almost always hats or something for the kids). So it was kinda cool to give him this post-Christmas gift last week.

Originally, I wanted it to be a scarf. But honestly, as I knitted, I realized this was not going to work as a scarf. It would've looked too cumbersome. So, about halfway in, I decided it would be a cowl and it was going to be layered and warm. In making him this gift, I used several of my leftover balls of yarn so that the finished product is kind of a trip down memory lane. There's that blue striped yarn that I used to make my son's very first knitted hat (buried in this photo here - one of my first blog posts!). And there's the dark and light greens that I used to make my first pair of wrist warmers (which I realized I never blogged about). And the orange - that was used to make a newborn baby hat for charity a few years ago. I like that this cowl holds a lot of good memories. 
It is a nice cowl because it's very warm and cozy. I used (mostly) all wool yarn. And because you cast on 56 stitches to start, the finished product is folded in half width-wise for extra warmth and also structure.
Do you want to make The Garter Scrap Cowl for the man in your life (or yourself)? Grab your Tupperware (in my case, anyway) of leftover balls of yarn and get to it! It's a relatively quick project because it's all in garter stitch and you'll be doing yourself a favor too by using up a whole bunch of yarn that might never have found another use. This is easy knitting, folks. What are you waiting for?

The Garter Scrap Cowl Pattern
U.S. Size 10 Knitting Needles
Worsted Weight Wool (or blend) yarn (leftovers of varying amounts)

Cast On 56 Stitches
Row 1: Knit
Repeat Row 1 until the cowl reaches 27" in length
Cut the yarn, leaving a 20" tail. Sew the short ends of the cowl together to create a circle. Weave in the remaining end of the tail.
Fold in half width-wise.


* Note, for the orange yarn in my cowl, I used two balls and knitted them together because it was a very thin yarn.

Interested in a new cowl for yourself that is quick and beautiful? Check out my latest project HERE: A Gray Knit Cowl.

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