Jan 6, 2014

Holiday Wall Quilt

So it's time to finally post my second and last Christmas craft! (Now that it's packed away in deep storage for next year...) The Holiday Wall Quilt! Yayyy!
The inspiration and design for this project can be found here
I loved Jennifer's quilt and wanted to replicate it asap. I found some leftover Christmas fabric (previously used here, here, here, and here) and a piece long enough for the background.
I freehanded my letters and holly pieces (and trees - can you find them?), but if you want to be more precise, I suggest you follow the tutorial and print out the pattern pieces that Jennifer supplies. (I was in a hurry...)
I had a great time making this quilt namely because I haven't made a quilt in a long time. It was fun to bust out the free-motion needle and aggravate my husband with its squeakiness (does yours squeak too?). Just kidding, I don't really try to aggravate him. :)
I got it up on my wall as fast as I could. In this picture it looks a little wonky probably because it is a little wonky, but probably also because it's hiding the ugly red fire alarm box that adorns our wall.
I thought I'd throw in this iPhone photo just to show you how big the quilt is. (I have no idea why my son looks like he's going to eat it. I think I said, "Smile!" and this was the best I got.)
Anyway, glad I made it and glad I finally got around to posting it. Whew!
I also got some knitting done over the holidays and that's up next for the blog...
Have a wonderful day!!

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