Dec 24, 2013

Tree Ornaments to Sew

These last few weeks have been so busy! I'm sure you can relate. I have been doing some sewing, but haven't had much time to blog. I made these ornaments over the weekend and just got pictures snapped last night.
I saw this cute idea here and thought it'd be perfect to try. My mother-in-law requested a knitted a ornament and I realized I didn't have enough time to get one ready and send it off, so I sewed one instead. 
I think it's so cute (if a little wonky). 
I hope she likes it!
 When I cut this little tree down to size, I had some triangular scraps left over. Since the fabrics were 
already pieced together, I hated to just throw the them away. So...I stitched up the 4 triangular scraps and made a second tree ornament (the one on the left). I'm going to tie it to the top of a package for my friend.
Relatively quick and easy gifts. Done!
I made one other Christmas-y item in the last week and hope to post that in a day or two. (It's a quilted wall hanging and I looove it.)
Hope you all are enjoying the evening while your little ones are nestled in their beds!
Now off to wrap some presents...

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