Feb 7, 2014

A Gray Knit Cowl

One of the things I've really enjoyed doing this winter is knit. I like how knitting forces me to slow down. I use the time to sit still and either watch a show, talk with my husband, or just think. All good things. Most often, I'm never still, whether it's playing/reading with my kids, driving them around, or making it to dance class, karate, etc. (and just in the nick of time, it always seams). I mean, face it. A knit project is seldom fast. Sewing, on the other side of the spectrum, gives me near-instant gratification. And I need that now and again! But the slow pace of knitting also gives me enormous pleasure, especially when the project's done and getting use. This cowl, for instance, has been wonderful. I wear it daily, back and forth from school, out in the cold as we trudge along through the snow. It's great because it covers a good portion of my face which makes such a difference on the coldest days!
And, as I said, knitting is not a fast craft. BUT, this cowl was probably one of the fastest things I've made. I used straight needles (the pattern has this option, though I think circulars would be easier) and I have two seems, but they're hardly noticeable. It's an interesting stitch pattern* and you actually knit with two strands of worsted weight yarn (so it knits up pretty fast, like super bulky yarns). I am thinking this cowl would also look good in an ice blue color and am debating whether to do another. (Though I have such a long mental list of knit projects I want to do right now!). Anyway, I highly recommend making this beautiful cowl. You can find the pattern HERE.

*If you look at the picture of the cowl on the blog with the pattern, you might notice that the finished project looks different from mine. Upon reading some of the comments from other readers and knitters (and looking at my own cowl), it appears that the straight-needle pattern option has different results than the circular option. It doesn't matter to me. I like this pattern just as much!

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  1. Love it! And the colour's perfect - grey's definitely one of my favourites at the minute (it just goes with everything)! :-)


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