Jan 20, 2014

Kindergarten Pants for the Little Man

Recently, I have decided to start sewing again for my son. I made a gorgeous outfit for my daughter not too long ago, and she refuses to wear it! I am not at all sure why. My son, on the other hand, loves everything I make. From shirts to quilts. So I decided to make him some pants, which is what he needs. 
I used this free pattern, which is about a size 4/5. My son is a skinny 6 year old, so I enlarged the pattern a little bit and got a light-gray pair of pants that fit him OK, but weren't roomy enough (I was glad I used an old fleece sweatshirt of my husband's for the "trial run"). I opted to use knit fabric rather than cotton as the pattern does because it's what my son seems most comfortable in. And I also wanted him to be able to wear them to gym class and run around. Aaaaand, there's a pair of Carter's pants that he has that I wanted to try to replicate. I also seem to have more knit fabric suitable for a boy than cotton. :) 
The dark-gray pants featured in these photos worked out much better. I increased the pattern quite a bit more and widened the ankle some too. I also didn't do a cuff as the pattern calls for, but did follow the rest of the directions, including those for these awesome pockets. I think they are what make these pants so cool. For the lining, I used a cotton truck print from the stash. The main fabric was some sort of fleece from JoAnn's remnant bin.

Oh, and I added the faux drawstring at the waist, which I also think makes the pants look more professional. And a clothing label!
My kid wore these pants to gym class the day I took these pictures and they held up to some kindergarten craziness, so I think that makes them a success. Happy!

Does anyone else have a good (and easy) pants pattern for boys that they've liked? Please share if you do! I'd love to know.


  1. Aw, isn't it more fun to sew when kids love to wear what we make! :)
    Great looking pants! I have tried making fleece pants, but it looked only like a pajama pants, not professional looking like yours. I cannot let my kid wear that to the school!

  2. Those are so great and look really comfy!

    1. Thanks, Janice! He's just worn them three days straight, so I think he likes them. :)

  3. The results look like a pair of retail pants. Awesome job.

    1. Thanks ChiChi! That was my goal. I have my share of misses, but I think these are a hit!


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