Mar 25, 2011

Striped Organic Cotton Hat with Apple Applique

And another hat unearthed from the winter bins. This hat is made from organic cotton and I realized after I made it that it's...not very warm. So it's not often worn. 
But then I sewed a puffy apple on the side and my son wore it a lot (back in the fall). I started to think, Maybe he didn't wear it because it wasn't warm. Maybe he just didn't like it. Well, since adding the apple, he has liked it much more.
My son later requested a full-fledged apple hat which I knitted earlier this winter. You can see it here.
I was happy to see him wearing this hat again today. (And he never complained about being cold.) :)
This pattern came from the book, Easy Baby Knits: Clothes and Accessories for 0-3 Year-olds, by Claire Montgomerie.
I'm linking up at My Creative Space today!

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