Jun 29, 2010

Knitted Hat and Sweater for baby girl

Here's my first attempt at a sweater. It wasn't exactly easy, but I learned a lot in the process. I got the pattern off of LionBrand.com, along with the thick & quick chunky yarn. I used size 13 US (I think) needles and it took me about a month to do (here and there).

This pattern had me do the sweater in chunks (right front panel, left front panel, back, sleeves). I thought at the time that this was a pain, but now I'm working on a sweater that's knit up in just two big pieces (front and back) and I'm finding it a lot more difficult, boring, etc. (More on that to come.) Anyway, by doing this pattern, I learned how to do pockets, edging (not sure if that is what it's called), and a collar. There are several mistakes, namely I sewed the seems up wrong. You can kind of see this in the sleeve where it's bunched. But oh well! It's done. Next time I'll know better (if there is a next time! Ha!).

As for the hat, I think it's cute, but the size is for a 12 month old. It is seriously big. I tried it on my son's friend who is 3 and it fit her perfectly. Well, I'd rather it be too big than too small, right? I have the bottom of the hat rolled in this picture just so it wouldn't look too enormous next to the sweater. Ha!

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