Aug 20, 2010

Sweet Bag!

I made this bag last summer and cannot remember right now where I found the pattern. But it was rather easy to follow and I really had a good time making my first "complicated" bag (meaning, several pieces of fabric and learning a few things as I went - like how to do that nifty braided handle!).

The top picture is without the hanging things (obviously), but I felt the bag looked too big when I put it on my arm.
So I continued on with the pattern and made these hanging things and sewed them on.

I'm not in love with the hanging things...but it decreases the bag's size so it feels less cumbersome.

Still, I have to the year since I've made this bag, I've probably only used it a handful of times. I don't know...I think maybe the colors are too bold for me. Anyway, I had fun making it and maybe it'll work it's way down from my closet shelf again sometime.

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