Jan 27, 2011

Cupcake Crazy!

There are so many cute cupcake hats out there, especially on Etsy. I thought, I can do that!
This is my first attempt at a knitted cupcake hat.
I liked it, but thought it looked a little pointy. So I changed yarn and came up with 
this one.

 With this hat, I used the same super bulky brown yarn for the bottom, but used a softer bulky, combined with a very thin sparkly yarn for the icing part.
 The first "sparkly" hat came out too big, so I made a smaller one. Now my daughter and I can have matching hats. :-) 
 Here are some action shots.
I have another idea for a third type of cupcake hat in mind, but I'm not sure when I'll get to it. I have many other ideas in my mental queue of crafts!


  1. I love the cupcake hat. The model who is wearing it makes it look more adorable. I like the cupcake hat that is fluffy.. Nice job !

  2. Hehehehe. You are my best reader! :)


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