Feb 7, 2011

Ah -The Much Anticipated

So here is the fruit of nap time.
I pulled apart the flowers above, took out the stems, and glued the layers back together. Then I glued on some gems and put them on some alligator clips that I lined with ribbon.
 The yellow crochet flower above is so sweet! My mom crocheted the two flowers and I sewed them together, along with the button. I may put this on a hair clip or maybe make it into a button. Or maybe put it elsewhere, like on a pillow???
I love these appliques. Can you guess which ones I bought and which I did myself?!? Oh, but I very skillfully glued them all to my homemade ribbon-lined alligator clips.
 These are simple and pretty. Yes, we're Wildcat fans here.
 Again, the heart that is so clearly homemade. And the purchased applique (available on Etsy).
 Some of the first hair clips -- I made them around Christmas time. These were all done by yours truly (except for the wooden dude on the end, which of course, I did not cut or paint, but purchased).

And there you have it. Another way to widdle away nap time!

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  1. wow, how wonderful.. I just love those hair clips. They all look so professional. What a great way to relax and be productive.


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