Feb 11, 2011

Patchwork Pillow with Ruffled Back

I've been pretty inspired by all the fabulous pillows out there in the craftosphere lately, and decided I needed to try something different. My goal was a patchwork pillow for my daughter. This is what I came up with for the front.
And then I decided to get some soft chenille-type fabric for the back. Thinking I wanted to jazz things up a tad more, I decided to try my hand at adding a little ruffled ribbon to the spot where the envelope part of the pillowcase opens. I think it looks good! And very sweet for my little girl! I also have to mention that, as I was working on this pillow, my daughter found the top half of this pillow back (with the ruffle already attached) and carried it around for a day in this really adorable, loving way, holding up to her face and such. I was so glad she liked it!
On the front, I made two labels, including this one:
It's a verse from Matthew that I had hanging in my room as a teenager and it helped me get through a lot of teenagery things (like the dream to be a Division I volleyball player. And if I were 6" taller, I really could've done it! Ha!). Anyway, I like this line a lot, and in light of all my daughter's newly discovered food allergies, I thought it was appropriate to place on her pillow. 
I'm also entering this pillow in the Words to Live By Great Sew Mama Sew Pillow Contest for February!

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