Mar 21, 2011

Easy-Peasy Memory Board Tutorial

I'm all about quick and easy, especially with limited free time and two small children usually running around. Sometimes I don't have all the materials for some projects and that frustrates me. So I tend to just do what I can and hope it turns out good enough. I think I succeeded here!
Let me take you through the steps. First, gather your materials:

1. Cardboard of the size you'd like your memory board to be. (I used the bottom of a box that had just come in the mail. I reinforced it with packaging tape.
2. Fabric you love and won't mind looking at every day. (I used the same fabric that I've used in other projects already posted here and here.)
3. Batting (the thicker the better).
4. Glue gun (a better choice might be a staple gun, but, alas, I didn't have one of those.
5. Ribbons (I used various widths and colors that matched the fabric.)
6. Spray adhesive (optional)
7. Newspaper (optional)
 Step 1: Lay out the newspaper and the cardboard. Spray the cardboard with spray adhesive (optional) and attach batting.
 Step 2: Cut fabric to size and place across batting. Arrange ribbons to see what you like.
 Steps 3-5: Flip over the fabric and place the cardboard and batting face down. Glue with your glue gun the fabric to the cardboard. Pull taut as you do the gluing.
 Step 6: Turn the project over and see how you did.
 Step 7: Start gluing the ribbons to the board, one end at a time. Remember to pull the ribbon so it's nice and taut.
 Step 8: Once all the ribbons are glued on, this is how it might look. You can add a ribbon loop (mine's red) in the center to hang your board on the wall. (It doesn't look pretty, or particularly neat on this side, but who cares? No one's going to see it!)
 Step 9: Sew on a button (optional) if you have a few extra minutes.
 Step 10: Hang your memory board and step back to admire your work!*

Not bad, eh?
**If you make one of these, please be sure to link up your pics in my FLICKR Group! Thanks!**

*Note: If I were to do this again, I'd do a better job of folding the edges at the corners before gluing them to the back of the cardboard because I had to make some minor tweaks with the glue gun at the end so that the foldover bits didn't peak out on the sides. 

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  1. I'm impressed-pretty darn good first tutorial (it is your first, right?)!!


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