Mar 12, 2011

Fabric Storage Bags

I love storage. 
And I don't have enough of it. As I continue on this sewing and crafting journey, I keep acquiring more things. And I have nowhere to put them. So, if I'm going to make pretty things for the kids (and, ok, for myself), I need somewhere to store what I have, right? I thought two little bags for my sewing desk might be good to have. I followed the same basic directions for attaching the liner that I did here. But I tried binding the way I did my quilt when I tried to machine stitch it.
I thought I could put knitting needles in one bag, or maybe spools of threads. And perhaps charm packs or fat quarters in the bigger one.
I stuck these bags on my desk after I finished them and later in the day, heard my son shout, "Wheee! These bags are for me!" followed by a blur of little boy, arms, and fabric. Not long after, I found both my kids filling their "goodie bags" (my son's term) with blocks.
I'm linking up with Quilt Story for Tuesday!

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  1. These are great bags! I want to make some up for my kids! Thanks for linking to fabric tuesday!


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