Apr 24, 2011

Easter Outfits!

HAPPY EASTER! What a beautiful morning we had here: 76 and sunny. After a week of rain, clouds, and 40-degree weather, this was quite a blessing. The kids wore their new clothes to church. My daughter wore her sweet market skirt and my son wore his seersucker summer pants. Once again, both patterns came from tutorials on the beautiful and inspiring blog, MADE

My daughter also kept her hairclip in her hair all morning long. Unbelievable.

 We were very excited to run around after sitting (sort of) still during the hour-long mass.

 In the afternoon, as the sky darkened and the winds picked up, we headed outside once again, this time in search of the Easter Bunny.
He was a sneaky little bunny and hid lots of eggs in the trees, shrubs, and grass without even being seen! 

When the last egg was accounted for, we headed inside to devour the yummy sugary goodness inside.

My kids might not've been sporting a shiny satin dress or a cute clip-on tie, but I was nonetheless proud of their attire, as every stitch (or re-stitch--if that's a word) was sewn with oodles of love.

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