Apr 7, 2011

My Creative Space - Idea Wall

For my Creative Space this week, I thought I'd post about my Idea Wall.
It's really quite simple -- some plastic sewn over at the ends (for reinforcement when hanging), two holes, and a couple 3M hooks.

I like to photocopy patterns from books and rip out ideas from magazines and think about them for awhile (even put them in a queue of sorts).
I have My Idea Wall hanging next to my bed. So when I'm sitting there, knitting or hand-sewing, or watching TV, or nursing the baby, or whatever, I can glance over at the projects I want to get to and think about them. Keeping them visible is important to me; if I put them in a folder and tuck them away, they're gone, perhaps forever. My Idea Wall keeps my ideas present. And I think of this as a big player in sparking my creativity, this simple, easy-to-create creative space. The Idea Wall.
I'm linking up with kootoyoo and a bunch more creative spaces!


  1. i like whats inside your idea wall! i'm making the second item now, that quilt ! x love angelina

  2. i love your idea about keeping them visible. I like to ponder over projects too, but ah, when they have to be done they HAVE TO BE DONE!I love that quilt on the right...


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