Apr 12, 2011

Quilting Quandary #1 Help needed!

OK. If you didn't already know, I'm new to the world of quilting. I'm learning as I go -- and I have a lot to learn! 

I just finished my second {real} quilt as in biggish size, lots of stitching, and binding that I made myself. (Whew--makes me tired just thinking about all that went into it!) So it made me quite sad/distressed/annoyed to find some HOLES after taking my quilt out of the dryer. This should've been the time for doing my happy dance, but instead, I was crouched over my quilt, needle in hand, trying to repair all the flubs.

One of the many:

 Closer view:
Argh! Why? Why? Why? 

Now this particular hole is right along the binding, but others were in the middle of the quilt, along the squares and along the orange piecing. Why did this happen?

Here is my short list of potential reasons:

1. I sewed too close to the ends of the fabrics, not leaving enough seam allowance?
2. The fabrics are not 'good enough'? (Only the gray is Kona. The rest is just your average fabric from Joann's.)
3. I didn't pre-wash my fabrics?
4. All of the above?
5. Um....?

If anyone has any thoughts or advice, please feel free to leave it. I definitely do not want this to happen again!

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  1. I have done this many times. I think its not making big enough seam allowances in spots. I don't take the time to pin and I think that would solve the bottom fabric from shifting and creating these holes. I don't know if that solves anything but at least you know you aren't alone!


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