May 9, 2011

Hanging Organizer

I debated saying that I "whipped up" this hanging organizer over the weekend and leaving it at that. But I did not, actually, debate it for long. The truth is, I never "whip" up anything. Instead, I "spend more time than I want to" on my little crafty projects! This is no exception. I (sort of) followed this delightful tutorial on In Color Order and made it bigger. Then I had trouble finding cardboard big/long enough to stuff in the back so that's why it looks a little flimsy up top. But, really, it doesn't matter. I like it well enough!
I put it in my son's room to house little odds an ends. First I tried lotions and creams. But they disappeared in the pockets. Then I tried some toys. Currently, I have diapers stuffed in the pockets (since my daughter's changing table is also in this room). Not sure how it'll end up. But, I think it looks good enough to hopefully help tidy the room a bit.


  1. It looks good with the book!! I like it!

  2. very, very cute. i like the colors too.

  3. I think it looks great, what a fab idea!


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