May 16, 2011

Second Quilted Charm Pack Bag

Having a charm pack to use up was a great excuse to make another one of these bags. My first one went so well after following this great tutorial from Camp Follower Bags, that I jumped right into another one.
 It went quicker the second time. I didn't make as many mistakes. And the mistakes I did make, I quickly covered up with some pretty felt flowers. Hehe.
 I put one of my handmade labels on it this time. I think it looks cool.
 Here's a view of the inside.
 And it's ready to be put to use!
As a sidenote, I have, indeed been using my first quilted charm pack bag. For quite a while, it sat next to my fabric stash and housed batting and a small blanket. Then my son and I played store with it one day and it played the role of "grocery bag." I like it in that role. I was proud of it. :)

I'm linking up with Canoe Ridge Creations today.


  1. This bag is great!! I love the fabric - I used some of those same prints for napkins I made for my son & daughter-in-law. Nice job on the bag. I'm going to save that tutorial for future use!

  2. What a great bag! I love that you found a use for your charm pack...I am always on the lookout for small projects to use with a single pack. Wonderful!


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