May 19, 2011

~ A Tooth Fairy Pillow ~

My little boy has to have a damaged front tooth extracted, so I needed to get to work on a Tooth Fairy Pillow. This is what I came up with. 
Mr. Happy Tooth.
 I am just getting into embroidery and I had fun with it here. I think it makes the tooth look a little vintage-y.

On the back, I put a little pocket for my son's tooth. I asked him to pick the fabric and he wanted dots (from my Gypsy quilt). And then, when I asked him what shape he wanted the pocket to be, he said "a circle." Great, a challenge!
At the last minute, I went back and embroidered the year ('11) on the back of Mr. Tooth's "foot."
 I was very happy with my son's reaction. He loved Mr. Tooth and slept with it last night. Awww.

I'm linking up here with the other creative folks at Our Creative Spaces today.


  1. what a cute pillow Fabulous idea.Im Glad your son loves him.i liked how you have embroider the year on to his food.
    have a great day

  2. Hee hee the little circle pocket looks like a cute little bunny tail. I love the fabric you used for it, and the embriodery (esp. the date idea!).

  3. Oh I love it! I found this while searching for good tooth fairy ideas and I really like your blog! I have a very similar situation. My almost-3-yr-old will be having an injured tooth extracted next week. (Oh and I found this Mom's Guide to be a great resource lately- it's how I discovered the bump on his gum was an infection: This pillow is so cute and totally do-able for my skill level... and the amount of time I have to get it done! :) Here's to our boys not injuring any more teeth!


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