Aug 3, 2011

Wonky Potholder...or Mug Rug?

I set out to make a wonky log cabin potholder. I had never done wonky, log cabin, OR potholder before. Well! I had a good time and I think I was doing fairly well...until I got to the binding.
 I thought I could just machine-stitch the binding and it'd be fine (I hand-sew the bindings on my quilts and haven't had much experience with machine-quilting bindings). I mean, the thing was small. Really. How hard could it be?
 I ended up having to stitch around the square twice. I wasn't very happy about that. In the end, I think my wonky creation could've been a potholder if I had the fancy insulating material to sandwich inside. But, alas, I didn't. And so.

 I think my wonky potholder is better suited as a Wonky Mug Rug.
I believe the square works well for this sort of thing. Imagine the little plate with a pumpkin scone next to my mug. 
How did I finish and 
what did I learn in the process?
I ended up quilting with long straight stitches in a random-ish up-and-down way. I do like how that turned out. I also added a little label and loop on the back (next time I will just do a loopy label and skip the extra step). Finally, I think the next time I do a log cabin block, I will try to match up the scraps a little more to create some visual unity. 
Overall, a fun afternoon project. And having some cute scraps to work with makes it easy on the eyes, which is never a bad thing. :)
I'm excited to link up with all the talented folks here:

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  1. Hi, MaryJo! Thanks for visiting my blog :) About the potholder, I did not follow a pattern. I just wanted a way to use up the scraps I had from the other projects. Mine is kinda wonky as well. I think it is due to the double thickness of the batting I used but I'm not sure. I like yours! Very neat idea on the stitching. I may try that on the other scraps if you don't mind!


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