Sep 20, 2011

Explorer Vest for Her (Oliver + S pattern)

After finishing my first Explorer Vest for my son, he told me his little sister needed one too. (Aw!) So I got right on it. 
(I had to. He kept checking in. 
"Are you going to sew her vest while I sleep?" Uh, ok.)
Once again, this pattern is from the book Oliver + S Little 
Things to Sew. For my daughter's vest, I added a pink inside pocket (my son got a red one). This wasn't in the pattern, but I thought, what could be better than a secret pocket in which to tuck treasures close to your heart?
I love the back pocket!
On the go, sorry can't stop for a picture!
Here they are, wearing their matching vests. Yes, I do dig the matchy-matchy thing. ;)

Both my son's and daughter's vest got fishy buttons in the middle. But for my daughter's vest, I added matching pink flower buttons on the top and bottom. Just to make the vest a little more feminine.
I love how it turned out! And I love seeing them wear their vests together and being all excited to do that. So cute. Makes it all worth while.
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  1. Another fab job! Don't they look adorable together?

  2. These vests are adorable! Love Oliver + S!

  3. So cute. How old was your daughter when you made this? Did you adjust the size?

    1. She was almost 2 at that time, but has always been on the taller side. I made the size 4-6 vest, which is the same size I made for my son who was 4 at the time. No adjustments made.
      It's a wonderful pattern!


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