Oct 31, 2011

From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly ~ costumes!

Last year, my son wanted to be the Very Hungary Caterpillar for Halloween. The costume, if bought, would cost something ridiculous like upwards of $50. So I got to work plotting my own costume.

 It was really quite simple to do. I used less than a yard of light green fabric and cut two pieces the length of my son's body. I sewed on some dark-green felt and some shiny fabric in horizontal rows. I also made some brown legs out of felt (so that they'd be pretty stiff once stuffed) and sewed them onto the sides. Then I cut the two vertical sides of the costume into 1" strips and tied them in knots (you know, like those "no-sew" blankets?).
 Then, at the top and bottom of the costume, I cut small 1/2" vertical slits so that I could thread some green ribbon through to cinch the top and bottom.
 For the hat, I used one piece of red fleece and tied it up the back after cutting it into strips (like the "no sew blanket"). I stuffed some blue felt for the antennae in the open top and knotting the openings closed with two strips of fleece. Then I sewed on the eyes and nose. It worked!
Since last Halloween, my son has been plotting this year's costume. 
What does a caterpillar turn into?
A "spooky" butterfly, of course! And it had to be a monarch. (totally his idea)
I bought the wings on sale at Joann's (@$8). Got the black long johns on sale at Target ($8). Used a plastic headband that I also bought at Target (3 for $3) and attached pipe cleaners and pom poms that I had already.
And that's it! We've already had some fun trick-or-treating this weekend around the mall and also about town. Looking forward to the big event tonight!
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  1. Oh my gosh! This costume is adorable! How fun! I found you through Tatertots and Jello. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute cute costumes! He looks so happy in both of them

  3. Very cute! The caterpillar is a great costume! Wonder what he will want to be next year :)

  4. That's the hippest butterfly I've ever seen!


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