Nov 28, 2011

The Maxi Skirt

 I did it! Yay! 
I finished my Maxi Skirt and I wore it out this past weekend. I kept waiting for some random person to say, Hey, where'd you get that beautiful skirt? But, alas, no one did. Maybe next time. But it did feel VERY good to be wearing something that I worked so hard on. And it felt right. I mean, it fit exactly the way I wanted it too. (How many times can one say that about anything?)
 I followed the tutorial on Elle Apparel and after my first skirt, this one came together a lot easier. However, I did make a couple changes. First, I made the bottom of the skirt less wide (by about 10", I think).
Secondly, my husband had an opinion. 
Before hemming the bottom of it, I tried on the skirt and my husband said it looked good, but would look better with a slit. We had a short conversation about the height of said slit and whether or not I should do one on each side, and then I got my seam ripper and started taking out the stitches on one side. How's this, hubby? Higher. Well, ok. A few more stitches out and I was done. Done with that part of the business. 
I still had to hem the thing. Including slit.
First I used white thread up and down the slit (didn't take out the thread I had in the machine. And it looked bad. Very bad.). So back to the ripping. I ended up using black thread and stitched two parallel lines all the way around after doing a ziz-zag stitch to keep it from fraying. Voila! It looked much better.
 A note on this fabric. It's VERY stretchy and kind of on the thin side. The wrinkles in the pictures I didn't notice in person. It's also a denim-ish type color. I didn't love it when I bought this fabric, but faced with very few stretchy knit choices at my Joann's, I went with it. And, after transforming the 1.5yds. into a skirt, I think I love it now!
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  1. It looks great! Thanks for showing me this post!

  2. It looks great on you! I love when projects come out just like I hoped or better.

  3. Looks great! Those style skirts are so comfy! I think the slit makes it look more professional

  4. Wow! Where did you buy that skirt! No seriously your blog has finally convinced me to buy that tutorial . Thanks x

  5. looks amazing. finally convinced me to buy this tutorial x


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