Nov 25, 2011

Pigeon Canvas Decor ~ Please?

In our house, we love Mo Willems's Pigeon! He's been a favorite of our since our son was little.
And when Mo Willems came to our city this year, we were front and center (well, not exactly, but close.) 

Mo was very entertaining. 
Clearly, I was much more impressed than my daughter...
  Anyway, we like the Pigeon so much around here, that I made a Pigeon T-shirt a couple summers ago and posted about it here.

So when I saw this tutorial, I thought, Cool! I can do that!
Here's my little Pigeon on Canvas.
 Isn't he polite??

Honestly, I loved the tutorial I saw on this, but thought it looked a little more involved than I wanted it to be. I don't have a lot of patience and thought I could just free-hand the pigeon and it'd work out fine. And I think I did.

I started with these materials that I hand on hand. Luckily, I love the robin's egg blue color, and had some in my paint drawer. (Clearly, that color is key.) I mixed some red and white to make a bright pink color. Because I like pink. 
I used a brush to paint the canvas pink, and a Q-tip to paint the pigeon. For the beak and white parts, I cut a point on my Q-tips and it worked great! The outlining was done in black crayon.
I added a talking bubble in the end with some cardboard and sticky tack (I may want to change the message some day. Who knows!)
Truly, an easy project. 
The hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry...

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  1. Super-cute canvas!
    And I love the photo of you and your daughter! I can see you were having a great time!!! ;-)

  2. I'm not familiar with Mo Willems but the pigeon canveas is super cute. (Love the pink!)


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