Dec 14, 2011

Christmas Kiddie Quilts ~ WIP

 A while back, some time over the summer, I think, I thought it would be a great idea to make the kids their own little Christmas quilts. I bought the fabric (and had a lot of fun choosing the prints), got the yardage in the mail (and had a lot of fun running my hands across the the fabrics when they arrived), and then stashed them in drawers. Until November. When I decided I needed to get crackin.'

I have a boy and a girl, so I started cutting up the fabric and making 9x9" blocks with one or the other in mind. Can you guess which blocks are for my son and which are for my daughter?? Ok, I'll just tell ya.

For my space-lovin' little guy.

 For my brown-haired little girl who really does love to swing.

 For my puppy-lovin' princess.

 And some blocks were just a toss-up. But this one is going to my daughter.

 And this one for my son.

 My son looooves Rudolph. It's a four-year-old thing, you know.

 And another for my doggy-lovin' daughter.

I've made 19 out of 24 blocks so far, but these are some of my favorites. Tonight, I started putting together my daughter's quilt top. It's fun seeing it all come together. I just hope I can get both quilts done by Christmas Eve!!

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  1. You are such an amazing mom! So far the only thing I have made either of my children is Christmas stockings - after fours years that is a bit embarrassing. I love all the blocks and do believe that you are correct about all 4 year old boys loving Rudolph!


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