Jan 11, 2012

Silhouette Wall Art

Silhouette. Done.

This has been on my to-do list forEVER. I was kinda scared to do it; the process just seemed time-consuming and...difficult. 
But the good news? It really wasn't. 
Especially f you use the photo method, like I did -- versus the tracing-a-shadow-on-the-wall method which, with a four-year-was impossible. At least my four-year-old.

Want to know how I did it so you can give it a try, like, tonight? Ok, here goes.

All I did was plop him down in front of a dvd. Took his profile pic. Printed it out. Traced it on black construction paper (granted, this is not the best black paper to use but it was all I had). Mod-Podged it to my painted canvas. Let it dry for, maybe, a minute. Then Mod-Podged the whole canvas, including the silhouette. My turquoise paint-job looks a little spotty here, but in person it looks great (or, good enough!). Give it a try! As soon as I can find another 8x8 canvas, I'm going to do my daughter's.
Love the modern color and how it pops in my living room! 

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  1. This is fabulous! And I can't believe how quick and easy it was!!! I'm going to have to give it a try....

  2. That is so lovely :) And I might have to try that trick on my 4yr old too!

  3. I love this! Very cute! Would love for you to link up @ Find Your Craft Friday over on my blog... Have a great weekend! :)

    Emily @ BabyBerry

  4. So cute! I've been thinking about doing something like this for presents for grandparents. Thanks for sharing!

  5. So cute...I've been thinking of a project like this for grandparent gifts. Thanks for sharing!


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