Mar 28, 2012

Another Easter Hair Clip and a Pin

I was up late last night thinking it'd be fun to surprise my kids with a little gift this morning at breakfast. I'm afraid these might look extremely homemade (nodding, why yes they do), but if you look at them from a distance, and maybe squint a little, they look terribly good. Oh, but the kids really liked them, and that's what matters most.
 A peeps-inspired hair clip for my daughter.
 And a basket filled with peeps for my son. No, not a hair clip, but a pin. He was excited to wear it to pre-school this morning. Apparently, his teacher made him get up and talk about it during circle (oops). When I asked my son what he said about it, all I got was, "I don't know" and a little embarrassed shiftiness. (Sorry, kid.)

 Super chilly this morning, but I liked seeing the peeps peaking out of her hood. Hi there!
Linking up with Tea Rose Home today. More of my Easter hair clips here.

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  1. you have beautiful models.... i do not know which is better the models or the things you made..No, the models are far better! :)


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