Mar 8, 2012

The Holey Cowl

I saw this pattern and immediately decided I needed to make one. For myself. I have been on a neck-warmer kick lately. And this is just one of several I have made for myself as well as the kids. Not all of them have turned out well, but this one's a keeper.
You can find the pattern for the Holey Cowl here.
The designer wears hers kind of like how mine is in the picture above. But I prefer it flipped the other way as in the picture below.
For my cowl, I just used a big skein of a worsted-weight yarn that I had in my stash (ie., not organic cotton). I also used straight needles and sewed the end up (as opposed to using circulars as suggested in the pattern).
Overall, I really like my new cowl and am happy to report it's already gotten at least three wears. (Though no comments yet from friends. Darn. I wonder if they know I knitted it? Or maybe they do't like my style.) Anyhoo, I always feel accomplished when I get a project done. One that I think looks good enough to wear. Woo-hoo!
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  1. Sweet!! I kind of like the first way of wearing the cowl, but I think that is because I like things to look haphazard, that way no one notices when I am just sort of messy ;)

  2. Overall I really like your cowl too! In fact overall I really love it...just wish I didn't live in a subtropical climate and could steal it off you ;)

  3. Very nice - and a lovely colour!
    Funny - I've been making cowls/scarves galore lately too! :-)

  4. I like it. And I like that you can wear it several different ways. I've been on a cowl kick too. I just love them!

  5. Gorgeous crochet cowl - your friends are probably just jealous they don't have one, hehe!
    Alison :D

  6. thanks for you great site...I just came upon it today...


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