Apr 27, 2012

Earth Day Upcycled Shirt to Skirt

This little wild outfit came from a second-hand, teen-sized t-shirt -- the skirt, the little wristband, and the hairband (with 3 rolled rosettes, which you can't really see). The only addition, is the bird, which came from some black fabric in my scrap pile. I think the crazy wristband and hairband go with the wild print of the fabric. Perfectly wild, all in all.
 And it was so super easy. (Which I love -- instant gratification!) You probably know the drill already. Find an old shirt. Cut it up. Use the hem of the shirt for the bottom of the skirt. Make a casing and insert the elastic. For the applique, I drew a bird on some black fabric, ironed it on some Steam-a-Seam, cut it out, ironed it on the skirt, and then stitched around it to keep it secure. I think the bird makes the skirt look fresher. Because, really, it is a new garment now after all. 
 And it's another little project done for elsiemarley's Kids Clothes Week Challenge and Project Run and Play's Earth Day weekly challenge. Fun!
As a sidenote, I just found out I did not win the last round of Rae's Spring Top Sewalong. But that's ok - I'm just so honored to have been chosen for the last round. The winning tops are beautiful and you can view them HERE. Thanks to everyone who voted for my top! :) :)

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  1. You have an adorable model. She looks cute in everything.


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