Apr 8, 2012

Easter Outfit ~ Happy Day!

 This morning was a lot of fun. What with waking up to the Easter baskets, eating raspberry pancakes, hunting for eggs. And, oh yeah, dressing up my daughter in her new outfit!! hehe I truly enjoyed this part. I was thrilled to see that The Audrey Cape and Circle Skirt fit. (whew!)
 Photo credit Sara C.

 Heading out.
I had visions of her twirling around in the grass WITHOUT her winter coat, but, unfortunately,
 it was freezing out this morning. Never mind the icy cold wind on top of the low 40s temperature.
 But overall, a fun morning. The kids didn't mind about the weather. They just wanted candy!!
Glad the little girl's outfit was made of wool! :)

I'm also entering this outfit into Project Run and Play's Week 1 sewing contest where you had to remix Dana's Circle Skirt. Since this outfit essentially has two circle skirts in it (the cape is a skirt after all), I thought it might have a shot. Wish me luck!
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  1. I loved it when I first saw it on her, and now as I look at your post I was reminded of how we were talking about how difficult it is to cut fabric--and you "made it work" (to channel Tim Gunn) with plaid, which is notoriously difficult (I've never even tried). So, in short, I'm even more impressed! It's really an adorable outfit. We had a great time!

  2. Gorgeous... Hope the kids had fun.......brrrrrr....

  3. Wow, Mary Jo!!!
    That outfit is the CUTEST!!! And what a beautiful little girl you have! The skirt and cape suit her so well. She's lucky to have such a clever mummy! :-)

  4. I love this so much...especially since I tried and failed to sew my little girl a ruffled bolero out of tweed. Something I will attempt again later when my skills improve...especially after seeing your super cute outfit! Good luck!


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