Apr 24, 2012

Little Ruffle Skirt

 This was fun to make. And relatively quick. Got it done during naptime -- and I am NOT a fast sewer/seamstress. 
So, really, it was quick.
I found this ruffle fabric at Joann's a couple weeks ago. Could not believe it. I loved it immediately. I have been ogling it and trying to decide exactly what I would do with it. But, I think, all along I knew I was going to make a little skirt.
I followed Dana's Simple Skirt tutorial and, because this is ruffle fabric that is stretchy-knit, it didn't need to be hemmed (sigh). All I had to do was measure, cut, and insert the elastic. Oh, and I made a little label too. I love the finishing touches. (But I didn't get around to pressing the--one--seam for these photos. Lazy.)

Still trying my best with another uncomplicated piece of clothing for Kids Clothes Week Challenge!


  1. So cute! This may sound funny, but that label goes so well with the skirt--sort of a shabby chic thing. Pretty but unruffled in spirit (while being ruffled of course).

  2. Cuuuuute! I love the pretty ruffly fabric!


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