Apr 21, 2012

Picnic Pleats Top

My fourth and final entry into Rae's Spring Top Sewalong is my Picnic Pleats Top. Can't you just taste the juicy watermelon? Well, anyway, I now know what I will wear on July 4th.
 I followed Rae's pattern for the Spring Ruffle Top and just left off the ruffles. I found this seersucker fabric to be great to work with and I am imagining a matching little top for my daughter (with the ruffles).


  1. I've made myself 3 of the 'ruffle' tops (2 with the ruffles and one without). I think it's a fabulous pattern - it's easy to follow and I love the shape of the finished tops! :-)
    Yours is great - I love the fabric you've used!
    Happy wearing!

  2. really cute...it is perfect for summer celebrations like the 4th of July and summer birthdays......

  3. Lovely top, I liked it so much , I made one.. thanks for the idea.


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