Jul 17, 2012

Little Roses Dress

Oh, I so wanted this to work! I love the Peter Pan collar. I thought I was so clever lining the dress and making the white "apron" front. The thing is, I'm a novice. I'm still learning. And I have more confidence than I probably should!
I like to plunge in and just do things. 
I saw this cool looking tutorial and thought I'd use the bodice/collar part and add the skirt and my own features. Well, lining the dress (which was not part of the pattern/tutorial) made it turn out a lot smaller than the 3-4 size that the pattern was for.
I couldn't even close the keyhole at ALL. So I just pulled out my scissors and made the keyhole bigger. Then sewed on a binding. It worked, sort of. But the dress was still...too small.
I think my little girl looks pretty cute in the dress, and so I took lots of pictures. But, upon reviewing them, I knew she could not wear this in public. So I gifted it to a friend who has a one-year-old. And I'm happy that this Little Roses Dress has become a big hit for another little girl.
Here's a look inside at my lining. By the time I got to sewing the hem, I knew it wasn't going to work, so I didn't even bother pressing (gasp).
Sigh. I still like it. I think I just need to figure out how to make it bigger and then try again. As my husband always tells me, each time I sew, I learn something from the experience, even if it doesn't turn out the way I wanted. And he's right. (sigh. Guess I should go back to trying full patterns again. Those definitely help me out. Like with this and this, for example.)
Live and learn! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh... it's so pretty :) I love the tie up back. It's a pity it doesn't fit your little miss... but atleast it will fit someone special, so not a complete failure!
    I'm like you though... always jumping in head first and doing it my way! lol
    Consider me your newest follower from Cass Can Sew x

  2. We have all had that happen - and it is always a bummer! But it did come out cute, even if the fit isn't quite perfect. Love your fabric!


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