Aug 6, 2012

The Clara Skirt

Named after the little girl who loves it! Because it is twirly and very girly. I am so glad she liked it!
For this skirt, I cut two circles (using Dana's circle skirt tutorial). I cut a big circle in the brown gingham, and a smaller circle with the flower fabric. I basted the two together at the top, then sewed the elastic waistband on.
I worried that that the skirt wasn't going to be long enough (I shouldn't have worried!), and added an extra band of white fabric. I hemmed the flower fabric and then hemmed the white band after Clara tried on the skirt.
 So the skirt is definitely on the longer side, but I have a feeling Clara will be able to wear it not only this coming school year, but the following year as well. 
And, you know, it just seems so elegant at this length, too. 
I'm glad it worked out. I rather like it all long and flow-y.

Whoa...getting dizzy. 
(Isn't she adorable? Would you believe she speaks three languages? Yeah, pretty incredible.)
And then, to finish, a little personalization for the tag. I used letter stamps I bought at Joann's, and stamped some extra white fabric, sealing the ink with a warm iron (the butterfly was a foam stamp that the kids have played with in the past. No idea where it came from.).
I thought Clara liked the Twirly Teacups skirt the best, but then it was this one that she ended up wearing for the rest of the morning during her playdate with my son. 
Thanks again to Clara and her mom for a fun morning!

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  1. Awesome.......!! Loved the patter,thanks for sharing.


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