Sep 24, 2012

Big Kid's Pinafore

After posting the pinafore I made for my then-one-year-old, I realized I hadn't posted my big-kid pinafore yet.

 Well, she's 5-and-a-half, but my daughter really looks up to Clara! She had a lot of fun with her when Clara was in town. (I do believe this is when my daughter learned the fun of twirling.)
I made this pinafore for Clara using the size 5/6 pattern that I bought here. It fits well, but I'll be interested to know if it lasts her another summer. Clara is tall and thin, so it just might work.
The skirt she's wearing is the reverse side of this one that I also made for her this summer. (She prefers the other side, but her mom and I thought the orange/yellow side would be better for these pictures.)
Before she left, we convinced Clara to try on the reverse side of the pinafore. It's another orangey-flower print, but in a bigger scale. (The small orange-blue print can also be seen on this skirt that I made for my daughter.)
 I enjoyed practicing my sewing skills for an older girl. I was surprised, at first, at how much more fabric I needed to use. But of course it makes sense. They grow so fast.
 Thanks again to Clara for braving the cold morning patio in bare feet! I hope the clothes were a success back home in Canada.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE these pinafores!!! If you ever spot a pattern for one for big BIG girls, please tell me. I WANT one!!! I think it's a great shape for summer, but I'd also love to have some for the winter, to wear over cotton roll-neck tops.
    Super job!


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