Sep 8, 2012

Kiddie Bathrobes

     Is September too early to post about bathrobes? At least where I live, it's still hot and wearing a bathrobe is definitely not in the picture. 
 Anyway, I sewed these up back in the spring and I've been hanging onto the pics forever and finally figured I should just get them up on the blog. My kids aren't in the picture because these robes are going to be winter presents. On our first cold morning, I'm going to whip them out - SURPRISE! )

Anyway, here are some cute kids to fill in.
 The pattern is great. I saw it on Living with Punks and pinned it here. The most labor-intensive part was cutting out the pieces. But I suppose that's the case with a lot of patterns. Really, this one was very simple.
 The space robe is for my son and the pink/white whales for my daughter (is that way too obvious?). I made them the same size to make it easy. My daughter is growing fast. (On a side note, my 2-year-old and 5-year-old both wear 4T underwear. Isn't that crazy?)
I love the robes and hope they will too. They have never had a robe before (at first I didn't think robes were really a kiddie thing, but I came around).
Here's to Jack Frost and something to look forward to.


  1. They're lovely! You've chosen really cute fabrics!

  2. Wow i never seen before a colour full bath robes . i really like it . Kids i also like to wear it . mostly kids don't like it but if robe are cartoonist or different animals design then kids ask to wear it. i also like a Pillow Protectors for relaxing a bit.


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