Oct 16, 2012

Tunic - Revised & Improved

Hello! I blogged a few days ago about my Elsie Marley Knock-Off. I think I got it right. Mostly. But I had some fixing to do over the weekend.
This is what the tunic looked like when my daughter first tried it on and wore it out. I had some work to do to make it fit better.
The sleeves were too tight and too long. So I trimmed them. I also cut off the big triangular points on either side of the bottom portion.
Ahhhh. Much better. Also, to fix that gaping neckline, I put some (whatdoyoucallit) iron-on stuff to the inside.
Here is the much-improved version that my daughter wore once again, all morning, and I forgot to take a picture of her in it. (doh!) Hence, the wrinkles. So you'll have to trust me: it fits SO much better. And looks a lot cuter! 
(Note: I also added little V-shaped splits on either side of the tunic to give my daughter more room to bend and move about. Not sure what they are called, but I know I've seen them on other garments and just winged it here.)
(Thanks again to Meg at Elsie Marley for the inspiration!)


  1. You did a super job on improving the dress! I love the cute, colourful zip! I wouldn't know WHERE to start on a project like that!
    Well done you!!!

  2. I love it........can't wait to see her in it in person


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