Mar 19, 2013

Triceratops with Red Horns Shirt

Another prehistoric animal shirt, yes. Are you tired of them yet?? No? Good!
After I did the Allosaurus Shirt, my son said he wanted his next shirt to have a "yellow triceratops with red horns." (Finally got around to that, and posting about it!) Compared to the former, this one was easy peasy. Done in under an hour. I think I was on a caffeine kick because I never do anything that fast, but this time, I took a big shortcut.

I used an old t-shirt of mine, which meant the collar and cuffs were already done. I placed Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern on my shirt and cut out the body pieces (which tailored it to my son's chest size, and basically just closed up the neck hole a bit); then I placed the arm pattern piece on the pre-existing sleeves and cut those out too. (My son likes longer sleeves, so I added a few inches.)
For the dino itself, I again used a silhouette I found on Google images ("Triceratops silhouette"). The yellow fabric is knit from an old t-shirt. I'd never used knit for an applique before, and I have to say, it doesn't look as crisp or professional as cotton (the yellow on the Pteranodon is cotton, as is the Allosaurus). But for this shirt, the upcycled knit worked just fine. Kind of lends itself to the whole upcycled theme with using my old shirt. Instead of using new knit (as with the previously posted shirts), this broken-in look of old knit on old knit works. (Follow that?)
Oh, and the eye is just a glued-on googley eye I found in my stash. I used permanent fabric glue to adhere it and it has lasted through at least two washings so far. (Sweet!)
In this picture, I told my son, "Put your hands in your pockets," not realizing the only pockets were halfway down his legs. hahaha
I used the gray thread that was already on my machine to outline the triceratops because I was too lazy to change it to yellow. I wanted this thing done fast, man. And it was. My kid loves it. He's worn it way more than the Pteranodon -- probably because the knit is so soft with that lived-in feel to it. (And I didn't make any cutting mistakes.)
Fast shirt + dinosaur = happy boy and happy mom.

PS: My sewing machine is fixed now, but I've hardly used it due to a sore knee that needs to be elevated. I do have a few embroidery projects to share, but haven't gotten pictures yet (again blaming the knee). This post has been waiting in the wings for a while, so thought I could get that up. And if you're wondering, I do have an ice pack on my knee at this very moment...) Thanks for reading!
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  1. popping over from the sugar bee link party! love this shirt, i made something similar for my son when he turned 4. i big 4 on a shirt basically and boy was he proud!
    now, both my boys are into dino's so i may make these for easter! super cute! thanks for sharing!

    you have a new follower!
    come check out my blog...

  2. That's adorable :) the pocket picture made me giggle too- bless your little one!

    1. Aw, thanks! Hehehe. He's a cutie. Just doin' what he's told. :)

  3. Sweet! Love the googly eye! :-)

  4. I love dinosaur shirts (I totally have an adult sized t-rex shirt I made for myself) but I've been meaning to make one for my nephew as well. Thanks for the reminder! I love the fact that you gave your boy exactly what he wanted: A yellow triceratops with red horns. Lucky little man!


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