Apr 12, 2013

The Embroidered Fox Jacket

This week for on Project Run & Play, the theme is "It's All In the Details." I decided to go with embroidery, something that I love to do and that I feel adds a big wow-factor to garments.
My idea started with a little embroidered fox. I used the pattern in Aneela Hoey's book Little Stitches to guide me.

After making a jacket for my daughter last week, I decided I should make one for my son too. Since he is a big nature and animal lover, I thought a fox theme would be perfect!
My son LOVES the color green, and I was so happy that I had enough of this pinwale green corduroy for the outer layer. Once again, I used Shwin&Shwin's Abbey Jacket Pattern for this jacket. For my son, I decided to omit the oversized button-flaps that I used on my daughter's Chevron Jacket and use two vertical columns of buttons instead.
Again, I fully lined the jacket, this time using a super soft flannel shirting fabric from my stash. I also did some piecing around the center, changing up the pattern a bit, to work in the two cute foxes.
But before I explain the inside details, let me talk about the outside just a little more. I embroidered another fox for the front of the jacket, and on this one, I added my son's initials. Just for a personal touch. (I don't think he's realized they're there yet!)

 I also decided to take the fox theme a little further and add some Fox patches to the elbows!
I used the same basic shape of the tiny fox face and then used a backstitch to outline his nose and mouth, then a satin stitch for the eyes. And then I used three different colors to frame the face with a straight stitch. I think the patches look cute and tie the fox theme together a some more.
Now for the inside, I figured the kid needed
 a pocket. So I put a small one in for him. I also embroidered a message on both sides of the insides of the jacket.
The other side has this message below. (I used the font in the book S is for Stitch, by Kristyne Czepuryk).
My son can't read yet, but when he learns, I'm hoping these messages will be a nice surprise.

So The Fox Jacket is a light, semi-formal jacket for spring or fall with room to grow as well. I love the bright green color of this fabric - he'll be easy to spot if he roams! And, truly, I love seeing my son in clothes I've made for him. 
Stitched with love, isn't that right?

 As an aside, it's been quite an adventure for us this week, getting this jacket done. Wednesday night I was sewing away and went to change my needle (being maybe an hour from the finish, tops) and couldn't get the needle in straight -- again! (I paid $96 to have the alignment fixed just last month!) I wanted to cry! I was so close to being done. I ended up borrowing a friend's sewing machine the next day (she was so sweet to let me borrow it last minute AND drop it off because my son woke up Thursday morning sicker than a dog.). Anyway, it took me a bit to figure out the new machine, and then I couldn't figure out her button-holer so improvised with a tiny zig-zag stitch. At one point, I broke a needle in my serger... And all the while, I felt the sickness creeping up on ME! I somehow convinced my son to get off the couch and get some pictures done and after that, collapsed myself. Thank goodness my husband came home and took care of everything -- I was so sick last night! I will spare you the details, but just getting this jacket done in time is a HUGE accomplishment for me!
 Now I'm ready to go crawl back in bed -- AFTER I link up with Project Run & Play. Check out the other amazing garments while you're there!
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  1. Super cute. Love the color and the fox details. Feel better soon!

  2. Oh my gosh i love this coat. The inside secret pocket looks so fun. The fox looks so cute! What a nice job.

  3. Oh my, I LOVE that jacket! I firmly believe that more clothes should be kelly green, and, after seeing this, I'm pretty sure they should all have foxes on them, too ;). I want one for ME! And so many fun little extras--great job!

  4. I am loving the green, and your embroidery work is impressive!

  5. I never thought of stitching a message inside a garment...I just love that idea. It makes the jacket so special.

  6. So cute!!! I love that you stitched a little message inside too. What a wonderful idea! The chevron jacket is gorgeous too! Like so many of your little-girl-makes, I'd like one just like it for myself!!! :-)

  7. This is awesome! The little embroidered foxes are darling. You did a really good job on them!

  8. I love all the embroidered details on this jacket! ~Major Moma


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