Sep 10, 2013

Red & White Popover Sundress

Hi to everyone visiting my blog! Thanks for coming over!
I had pictures scheduled this morning for the kids and had imagined my daughter wearing a dress I had made. I have also been putting this off all summer because I didn't know what kind of dress to make.
Now that summer is practically over, I wasn't even sure if I should do a sundress. But the ladies at Project Run & Play made their first round of the competition sound so fun. Deciding on a dress got easier. I'd just buckle down and sew the adorable (and quick) Popover Sundress by Oliver + S.
Now here's an admission: I'm a newby to ruffles. But upon scanning the O+S Flickr pool, I quickly became enamored by this dress and wanted to make some ruffles for my little dress too. They're O-K. I think I can do better next time. The red fabric ended up being on the thicker side and caused me a little trouble around ten o'clock last night. But I didn't give up and toiled away until the dress was finished (around 11).
And I have to say, I love it! So unless my little ruffle counts, I didn't really "remix" this dress, but I'm still happy to be part of the lovely set of examples at PR&R. 

Supplies: Red fabric and flower fabric were both from yard sales.
The while fabric is Kona bone (I think).
Knitted hair bows by moi.
Additional Notes: For my tall 3-year-old, I cut the size 5 pattern, but shortened it to the size 3 length (I like knees).

Also going to link up with some of these parties. Wahoo!


  1. You did a fabulous job with the ruffles!Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!

  2. She's such a cutie! Keep ruffling--I think they look great and certainly some fabric just resists being ruffled and must be bullied into submission :O)

  3. Such a pretty dress for such a pretty girl

  4. What a cute dress! You have some very cute ruffles and I love the colors. I'd love for you to link your outfit to our Fall Clothing Party!!!

  5. I think mini ruffle is a very cute touch! I am sure she had lovely pictures taken with this dress.
    Your girl is so tall, she fits size 5T! Even size 4T is too big for my tiny 3-year-old! :D

  6. I love red and white--the bodice+ruffle+print all look so sweet together!

  7. What a fab dress! I'm not surprised that you love it! :-)

  8. It's still a remix because you made it your own. Great job and the ruffle turned out terrific.

  9. I love the red and white together!!! And your sewing is perfection!!!

    Love, love!


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