Oct 21, 2013

Angry Birds Chuck "Ham" Solo Costume ~ are you ready for this?

Costumes can be a challenge. I don't make them every year. And so far, I've only made them for my son and not my daughter. And that may be because his ideas are precise (as in he knows what he wants) must-haves (as in, he's not going to change his mind).
This year was my most creative challenge. He wanted to be an Angry Bird. Chuck Bird, in fact. But not the regular Chuck. No, my son wanted to be the Star Wars Angry Birds version of Chuck.
This guy:

"Ham" Solo

There are some helpful versions on how to make a Chuck Bird costume. As for me, I mainly used this one and this one. But the Star Wars part?
I had to think about that.
I put some "clothes" on Ham. And I gave him a Blaster (made of cereal boxes, hot glue, crayon, and glitter). And I also gave him some hair, which was fun to pick out.
If I had to do it again, I'd bring the clothes up higher on the bird. Like right under his beak.
In the darkness, I'm afraid these aren't really going to show up. At least that badge will shine a bit.
He digs the blaster. It's the only "weapon" we've ever had in the house. 
(But I think I need to make his sister one because battles are sorely uneven right now.)
Here's a look back at a couple other costumes I've made for my kiddo. When he was 3, he wanted to be the Very Hungry Butterfly, and to him, it only made sense that a year later he turned into a butterfly. A very cool Monarch too, I have to say.
Are you interested in any design details?
I put a tail on the back, but no clothes. Maybe I'll still add some. I've got time.
"Sometimes I amaze even myself." - Han Solo, Star Wars
 Also, I only stuffed the front panel and not the back. It was getting heavy enough for the little guy and I didn't want to weigh him down too much. Here's a glimpse at the inside. I didn't sew the clothes down to the bird. I think I'll go back and do that to give Ham a sharper bottom edge.
And even though it's not *perfect*, my son is thrilled. His dream has come true. He is one happy Angry Bird. And he just may be the only Chuck "Ham" Solo we see on Halloween. Wouldn't that be cool?? Don't underestimate the power of the Pork Side.
Yay, Ham! May the Force by with you on Halloween!

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  1. Yay! You made your kid's dream come true! I am not familiar with the character, but I think it is a great costume, fun and the one and only!


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