May 30, 2010

Fun Kid Pillows

A year or so after I started knitting, I decided I wanted to try sewing too. So I got myself to a fabric store, bought some T-Rex fabric for my dino-loving boy, and hand-stitched two 20x20-ish pillows. I felt clever sewing a tiny taggie in the lower-corner of each pillow and ironing on a "Made With Love By Mom" decal. (hehe) Then I stuffed the pillows with fiberfill and ended up with the two yellow pillows in this picture!

Many months later, after buying a sewing machine and feeling fairly confident with it, I made two train-themed pillowcases to fit two 14x14 pillow forms that I bought at JoAnn's (I even sewed on zippers. Ha!). Then, on a subsequent trip to the store, I let my son pick out some fabric for yet another pillow case, and he chose Mickey Mouse. I decided buying pillow forms was getting a little pricey so I made my own pillow with leftover fabric and fiberfill and then put a newly-made case over it. Voila! It's a little lumpier than the store-bought pillow-forms, but so what?!?

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