Jun 1, 2010

Little Quilts

I made this quilt for my son using 4x4" squares of fun, kid fabric, mostly flannel. I put two squares from each type of fabric on the quilt so he could play a matching game. I have to admit, this great idea was not my own! I got the idea here at one of my favorite craft blogs, Make and Takes.
On the back of my quilt, I put a solid piece of alphabet fabric. My son really enjoys naming the letters and hunting for as many A's (or S's or Z's, etc.) that he can find! I can't wait until my daughter can enjoy this quilt too. It's been fun to watch my son's interest in it evolve. At first, he just liked looking at all the pictures. I'd say, "Where's the zebra?" And he'd find it and point to it, feeling all proud of himself. Now I'll say, "Where's the zebra? Can you find its match?" Or he will pull the quilt off the shelf and ask to play. And he'll initiate the matching game himself! As he grows older, it seems like this quilt offers more opportunities for different types of play, which is part of the reason why I love it so much. I've also made a couple smaller versions of this quilt. They make good gifts too!*

*I seldom give things that I make as gifts because 1) Sometimes they take so darn long to make and I don't want to do another one after I've made one for my child and 2) I find something else I want to make and want to move on. But I did make one of these little quilts for my nephew when he was born. He was the exception. As far as I know, he enjoys it very much and that makes me happy!

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  1. This quilt is cute. I just finished an I Spy Quilt that is similar to yours, except it's just all 4x4 blocks that I got through a swap. I'll be posting it soon - once I "fix" a few things on the binding - ha! I like that your son plays with it and looks for all the objects!


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